Who do We think We are:

We love animation.
We love ink smell (even when doing it digital), crazy craft (but also to deliver on time…).
We love design and motion design, the same way we love characters and emotions.

We’re a creative studio and production company based in São Paulo, Brazil. Here we craft animation, motion design, stop motion, live action, and our favorite: the mix of all these.
We’re a team of directors, designers, artists, animators, producers and managers.

We’ve started in 2004 and, since then, have produced to many brands worldwide such as AB InBev, Avon, Santander, Google, Facebook, MTV, ESPN, Nestlé, Danone, Mondelez, Microsoft, Faber-Castell, D&AD, Nissin…
Our projects won awards at Cannes Lions, Clio, OneShow, Ciclope, Promax, ElOjo and many other festivals.

The Crew:

Natalia Souza_partner, executive producer
Alexandre Chalabi_partner, director, designer, creative director
Daniel Soro_partner, director, executive director

Regina Knapp_head of sales
Rafael Antonelli_director
Pio Figueroa_director
A Fúria_directors

Crispin Cairns_representative in UK
Roberta Frederico_account manager
Marco Ettore_account manager
Marília Raffaeli_account manager
Mariana Moncalvo_assistant account

Cecília Bertoche_executive producer
Willian Sousa_assistant executive producer

Rita Freitas_financial manager
Caroline França_managing assistant
Debora Montanhez_managing assistant
Nalva Oliveira_care

Enio Vital_art director
Fabiana Galdino_post coordinator
Junior Fernandes
Barbara Almeida
Kevin Crauford
Ulisses Soares
_animator and comp
Ivan Franco
_designer, comp and animator
Victor Further_art assistant
Paulo Santos
_post intern
Pedro Barroça

Mariana Guerra_production manager
Ricardo Franco_producer
Marcia Frota_production manager assistant

And also, all our collaborators!

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