Every Pixel Counts

D&AD Next Awards

directors: Dani&Chalas

Created by Piloto for F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the film, named Every Pixel Counts, is a stop-motion piece created using 500 acrylic pieces, arranged in various moving patterns representing the pixels of the title. This has then been overlaid with voiceover from rapper Dru Barnes.
“We created the motion scenes on the computer, trying to find graphic patterns in movement, and then repeated them manually on the animation table, forming a ballet of Pixels”.
The animations were created using over 500 acrylic pieces, which were carefully lit and photographed frame by frame. It took seven days in the studio, more than 840 photos were taken, and for the animation and composition, each pixel in each frame of the film was individually separated, treated and coloured.
Care for the smallest details is also evident in the choice of sound producer and voiceover for the animated campaign, Dru Barnes, a Grammy-nominated rapper, who immersed himself in the different texts before performing them.

agency: F/Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi
music: Evil Twin
voice: DRU Barnes

The One Show 2017
Merit: Craft

CCSP 2015 Silver Film

Making Of

São Paulo

Regina Knapp:


E Marco Ettore:


João Jasmin:


Crispin Cairns:

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