Instituto Terra

music: Gilberto Gil, Bem Gil, Os Gilsons
director: Ivi Roberg

An original tune from Gilberto Gil, a legendary brazilian singer and songwriter, was the starting point for this project.
Instituto Terra leads a very important and ambitious reforestation project, and this music video is the 2021 main campaign piece.
We teamed up with Ampfy and director Ivi Roberg from the artistic research to the post, during this amazing and unforgettable project.

Best Animation 2D 2022

agency: Ampfy
art direction: Ricardo Kump
edit: Guilherme Perez
DoP: Julia Equi
animation supervisors: Chalas and Daniel Azevedo
art: Danilo Cheng, Victor Further and Adams Carvalho

Concepts and Layouts:

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