Cannes Lions 2017
Bronze, Entertainment

Clio Awards 2017
Silver - Integrated Campaign
Bronze - Music

Ciclope Latino 2017
Best 2D Animation

El Ojo 2017
Silver, Animação

Lusófonos 2017
Silver - TV/Cinema

Annecy Festival
Official Selection

Joice Silva/
Karol Conká

Caixa Economica Federal

music: Karol Conká
directors: Dani&Chalas
art: Adams Carvalho

To show that great conquests go beyond medals, CAIXA invited 7 of the most important Brazilian rappers. Following the Hip Hop culture motif, narrating stories of struggle and overcoming, the rappers payed homage to Brazilians in sports, telling the story of 5 athletes and getting together to sing an anthem of motivation, diversity and inclusion.

Each song was made into a music vídeo. A website helped telling the stories behind each lyric. Mobile games, virtual rap classes, a playlist inspired by each of the 5 athletes and graffiti that splashed the walls of Rio and also became ads, All of that helped spreading the message: that your daily conquest also matters.

Alan Fonteles/
RAPadura Xique-Chico

music: RAPadura Xique-Chico
art: Bruno Miranda

Arthur Zanetti/Rashid

music: Rashid
art: João Pinheiro

Fabiana Murer/
Negra Lee+Rincón Sapiência

art: Arthur D'Araújo
music: Negra Lee e Ricón Sapiência

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